Adult Sunday School

Although our children's classes are age graded, our adult classes are based upon your needs, rather than your age.  Our adult classes use two different curriculum provided by the Southern Baptist Convention.  One study, "Explore the Bible", takes a book of the Bible and works through the scripture.  The other, "life and Works" takes a look at daily life and searches the Bible for answers to these situations.  It is your choice which you would care to attend.  

Some of our classes are divided along the lines of men/women, whereas others are coed.  Some are older classes, some younger.  Basically, we want you to find the class where God speaks to you.  Try a class for a few weeks and if you don't feel as if it is the right fit, feel free to try another.  

For assistance in finding a class for yourself or your children, if you will enter the rear of the church (nearest the family life center), our Sunday School Director Jon Noe will meet you and guide you to the appropriate class.