Sunday School

Through Sunday School we not only learn about God's Holy Word, but we learn how to apply what we learn to our daily lives.  From 9:15 a.m.-10:15 quality teachers will help you explore the depths of God's love through his written love letter.  Studies are graded by age and are designed to lead you to understanding how not only to "talk the talk" about God's Word, but how to "walk the walk" daily.  We learn how to live a life so that those in the world who don't know Jesus will see him in us.  Through your class you will become "intentional" in the world, seeking opportunities to share God's love with others.  Your class will also be "missional", reaching out the community, not just sitting in a pew.  If you want to know more about being "intentional" or "missional", ask your teacher.  As a guest, when you arrive at the church, one of our greeters (stationed at the door) will direct you to Don Henderson (Sunday School Director) who will assist you in finding your appropriate class.  Below is a list of our classes and the names of our teachers.  Come join us, meet some new friends, and be a part of our "family".


Forever Young (2nd Floor)  Room 200 D  Age 80+ (Ladies)  Taught by Kathy Warmack adn Edith McAbee.  "Explore the Bible" curriculum with open discussion about each lesson.  Participate in Food Pantry, Tweenagers, Cheer packages, and an annual Christmas party.

Good Samaritan (2nd floor)  Room 210 C  Age 65+ (Men)  Taught by Doug Jones, Danny Morrow, Russel Burns.  Teacher led curriculum with discussion.  Participate in the Food Pantry.

Hallie Souther (2nd floor)  Room 210 D  Age 50+ (Ladies)  Taught by Elaine ALong and Amanda Jolley.  Bible Studies for Life curriculum and a monthly Bible Study.  We have a social each month.  "We are a group of ladies of vaious ages, sizes, and hair color who have become sisters in Christ.  We believe the Bible is the foundation and the answer to today's problems.  We laugh, love pray, study and reach out to others.  We welcome visitors with open arms and open hearts."

Jannings Dill  (Christian LIfe Center)   Age 40+  (Mixed)  Taught by George Sacarelos.  Explore the Bible curriculum with open discussions.  We have socials each quarter.  The class supports Connie Maxwell Children's Home, Food Pantry, and sponsor a child in Nicaragua from "Chosen Children."

Jerry Baskin  (2nd floor)  Room 210 E  All ages (Men)  Taught by Jerry Baskin and Russell Warmack.  Explore the Bible curriculum with open discussion.  We have social gatherings for special occasions.  Our special project is the Men on Mission.

Lewis Clayton  (2nd floor)  Room 208   Age 60+ (Men)  Taught by Dennis Grable and Earl Wilson.  Bible Studies for Life curriculum-Senior Edition with open class discussion.  Social activities include summer picnic and Christmas party.

Mary Harley  (2nd floor)  Room 200 F  Age 70+  (Ladies)  Taught by Louise Howell and Mary Bennett.  Bible Studies for LIfe curriculum.  Projects include Backpack Ministry, Mission Offerings, and gifts to Karen Bennett (missionary).  Social activies are class meetings and lunch with shut-ins.   "We believe the Bible, and long to be disciples reaching out and serving our church, community, and world."

New Beginnings  (1st floor)  Young Married-Age 40 (Mixed)  Taught by Shelley and Travis Dill.  Contemporary class with open discussions.  Class projects include Adopt-a-Child at Christmas and we have quarterly socials which include movie nights.  Private Facebook page used to keep everyone informed.  Our mission statement comes form I Timothy 4:12 "Let no one despise your youth, but set hte believers an example in speech, in conduct, in love, in faith, in purity."

Sanctuary   (Sanctuary)  Age 40+ (Mixed)  Taught by Kevin Carr, JoAnn Sloan, David Sheeley, Ed Wingo.  Explore the Bible curriculum.  Social even each quarter.  Special projects are Christmas Prison Packet, Operation Christmas Child shoeboxes, Christmas Cheer.

Seekers  (2nd floor)  Room 200 B  (Mixed)  Age 40-50  Taught by John Edwards and Greg Dimsdale.  Lifeway curriculum.  Quarterly Fellowships.  Projects include Adopt-a-Child, Food Pantry, Meals on Wheels, and the Women's Shelter.  "We are a class open and reaching, to those seeking the truth through our Lord Jesus Christ, in their lives."

Upper Room  (1st floor)  Room 108 (Mixed)  Age25-50  Taught by Terry Harmon and Kevin Farmer.  Bible Studies for Life curriculum with open discussions.  Class participates in LifeSprings Basketball, Cleft Kids, VBS and Mission Friends.  We like to get together for Christmas and Summer pool events.

Willing Workers  (1st floor)   Room B-1B  (Ladies)  Age 50+  Taught by Melaine Davis, Teresa Morrow and Sandy Bond.  Explore the Bible curriculum with open disciussions.  Special projects are Food Pantry, Backpack Ministry, Community services.  Annual Christmas party and Sunday School meetings.

Young Adults (1st floor)  Room B-2D  (Mixed)  Age 18-24  Taught by Nathan and LaRee Jolley, and Travis Sloan.  Regular social activities.

High School Youth (1st floor)  Room B-1E   (Mixed)  Grade 9-12  Taught by Roger Gilreath (youth pastor), Robert James, and Jim Ramsey.  KNOWN curriculum.  Special events include youth camps, mission ministry, trips, and overnight events.  See youth section of the web site for more information.  "Our purpose is to connect students to Jesus Christ, to grow students throught he study of God's Word and service, and to help them discover God's will for their lives."

Middle School Youth  Grade 7-8   (2nd floor)   gym  (Mixed)  See youth ministry section of web site for more information.  Taught by Kay Ramsey, Russell Mahaffey, Jay Pearson

5th-6th Grade   (1st floor)  Room 107  Taught by Billy and Tara Melton

3rd-4th Grade   (1st floor)  Room 106  Taught by Cindy Spriggs and Russell Hart

1st-2nd Grade   (1st floor)  Room 105  Taught by Bily and Timberly Orr, and Kim Knight   Bible Studies for Life curriculum.  "Preparing children for life, Biblically."

Kindergarten  (1st floor)  Room 100  Taught by Tammy Bown and Cathy Sullens

Preschool 3    (1st floor)  Room 104  Taught by Joyce White, Kim Clark, and Kim Hart

Nursery  (1st floor)  Taught by Tara Phillips, Kim Mathis