Music Ministry

We are all called to come before our Heavenly Father in praise and adoration. For this reason, our music ministry is designed to allow and encourage people of all ages to lead and participate in worship.  We have multiple praise teams and each group has the opportunity to lead in our worship services.  Singers and musicians of any age and regardless of ability are encouraged to join one of our choirs or orchestra.  All you need is the desire to praise the Lord. For more information please contact Mike here.

Pre-school Choir  (age 4-1st grade)

This group practices Wednesday at 6:30 pm on the children's wing during the school year.  This is not your average preschool choir.  Although they may learn many songs you learned at this age, they are always learning newer music.  This group performs whenever they have new music ready in our morning worship service.  They also participate in our Live Nativity presentation the first Sunday night in December.

JAM Choir (2nd-6th grade)

This group practices Wednesday at 6:30 pm in the choir suite during the school year.  The first time the children come we ask the parents to fill out an information slip (name, address, phone no., e-mail, and any food allergies).  We rotate quarterly with the youth and middle school praise teams leading the praise and worship section of the morning service.  This fall is particularly busy..  October we will lead the praise and worship time with "The Cross has the Final Word" and also sing with the adult choir..  We will lead in the presentation of the Live Nativity (2nd Sunday night in December).  All children are provided with a learning CD of the music we are doing. 

Parental Questions

What can I do while the children are in choir?  Attend prayer meeting (6:30-7:15),  sit in on choir, or assist with choir.

I have a teenager, what goes on at that time for them?  The youth meet in the Christian Life Center for their worship service.

Sanctuary Choir

The Sanctuary Choir is for anyone 6th grade-senior adult. No auditions required.  We welcome anyone who has a desire to sing.  Talent and music reading are not required.  We leave that up to God.  We just wish to make a joyful noise for His honor and glory.  This group practices Wednesdays at 7:15-8:15 p.m.  The choir sings each Sunday morning and presents southern gospel, contemporary, and traditional hymn arrangements.  We will also present a Christmas cantata the 3rd Sunday morning in December.   See questions at the end of this column for answers to many of the questions you may have.

Youth Praise Team (7-12th grade)

Thank the Lord for young people who wish to sing and praise his name.  One month each quarter this group leads the praise time in our morning worship.  Made up of the youth praise band (sings at youth worship) and many other youth who love to sing.  Any youth who wish to sing are welcome.  They are notified of the song we will be singing during the month and they rehearse on their own.  We get together each Sunday morning when they are singing to do a microphone check at 9:00 a.m.  We will be leading in worship during the month of November.

College Praise Team-New this year

This group of dedicated young people lead our praise time once a quarter during the morning service.  They are also in charge of our Contemporary Worship Service Sunday night


The orchestra provides an opportunity for musicians in the church family to praise God as they lead in worship. Currently our orchestra consists of  3 guitars, 1bass, drums, trombone, clarinet, violin, xylophone, and congas.  We have had other instruments in the past trumpet, baritone, etc.  If you play an instrument (any instrument) this is a great opportunity to serve God through worship.   

Music is provided Wednesday of each week for the instrumentalists to practice on their own.  The Orchestra practices as a group Sunday mornings at 9:00 am.  Our music consists of contemporary and hymn arrangements. Haven't played since high school?  No problem.  Come join us and get that embouchure back in shape.  Play along quietly till you feel comfortable.  Still in middle school or high school?  We can use you, see Mike Cruce.

Adult Praise Team (audition group)

The Adult Praise Team traces its roots back to 1991, around the time contemporary praise and worship music was becoming popular in this area. Although the faces have changed over the years, the women and men comprising this group still enjoy and look forward to leading the church in praise and worship.

Greatly Blessed Quartet

Formed in the spring of 2010, Greatly Blessed is a group of four men from our church who love to praise our Lord by singing Southern Gospel music in a worship setting.

Questions about Sanctuary Choir

1.  I can't sing?  Everyone can sing.  You may not sound the way you wish to sound, but you have the voice God gave you.  That voice was made to give him honor and praise.  So come to choir and we'll find the best way to use the voice God gave you.  If you wish to sing better, Rev. Cruce will give you 4 weeks of private music lessons (free) to give you more confidence in your singing ability.

2.  I can't read music?  You don't need to.  Most of those in the choir don't read music.  We have a number of practice aids which will help you.  Each choir member is provided with a CD of music for the quarter along with  an enhanced CD with your particular notes played along with the choir on the CD.  Each special the choir sings is rehearsed for 3-4 weeks.  And we'll sit you by someone who does read and sings well to help you find your part.

3.  I don't want to try out?  We don't have try-outs to be in the choir.  Show up and we'll place you by someone to sing along with during rehearsal and see if you can match your voice with theirs.  If they are too high or low for you, we'll move you somewhere else and find the right spot for you.  We will NEVER embarrass you in any way.

4.  How do I know what to sing?  We'll put you next to someone who sings well so you can match how they are singing.  They will show you where to sing on each song.  Highlighters are provided and you can mark your music in a way you can follow.

5.  I want to sit with my family/friends?  The choir goes down into the congregation after the choir special (about 30 minutes into the service) each week so you may sit with them.

6.  I don't want to wear a robe?  We don't wear robes in the choir at this time.

7.  Will you tell me if I sound bad?  NO!  We will help you to sound better without drawing any attention to you.

8.  Will I have to sing a solo?  NO!

9.  What happens to my children during choir rehearsal?  We have mission programs (grade 1-6) and Youth Worship (grade 7-12) during sanctuary choir time.  All of these groups end at the same time.

10.  Where do we rehearse?  Room 210   Wednesday 7:15-8:15