Audio/Video Ministry

The Audio/Visual Ministry is involved in the behind-the-scenes production of our worship services and DVD ministry. This ministry is primarily responsible for sound, projection, camera operation and video/DVD production. Our Audio/Visual Team consists of:

Sound Operators:  God has provided us with a Yamaha digital sound board.  The basic operation is easy.  However, as you learn more,  it can become as complicated as you wish.  Operators are responsible for setting up and controlling the sound board for Sunday morning and evening worship services once a month.

Projector Operators are responsible for operating the projector before and during Sunday morning and evening worship services.

Camera Operators: We have 3 cameras which we like to use to record our morning service and we are always looking for those who will volunteer to run a camera for 1 service per month.  If you can operate a camera on your cell phone we can teach you to operate the video camera.   

Video Production Operators are responsible for editing video and producing DVDs of the Sunday morning worship service.

The audio/visual team is looking for additional team members for each job.  You must be in at least the 7th grade (need parental permission).  Training will be provided. Please contact Mike if you are interested.